Nick Conant photo
Dome Overlord + Fiske's Collector of All Knowledge

Nick is the Fiske Planetarium Theater Manager and programmer. He began working at Fiske in 2012 as a student and later earned his BA in Astrophysics in 2014 from CU Boulder. Nick now supports the educational need and entertainment-based activities of the university students, staff, and their family by hosting - and sometimes teaching - university classes and events under the dome. Developing captivating visualizations of both astronomical phenomena and music is one of his biggest passions. He tries to "think outside the box" of traditional edu-tainment by producing these shows and effects on the circular dome to evolve digital media into a more natural, enjoyable, 360-degree environment for all audiences.

In 2012, Nick began working at Fiske with the old Zeiss Mark VI Analog Star Projector "Fritz." During the remodel in 2013, it was Nick's pleasure to reconstruct Fritz where he now resides in the lobby. Meanwhile, Nick learned how to operate the new software (DigitalSky2) and fell in love with the challenge of teaching and enthusing in the growing media. From laser and liquid sky shows, to classes, to gong baths, Nick does anything and everything the dome can do to bring our audiences closer to the things we love.

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