The statements made and requirements listed on this website apply only to the buildings, projects and activities at the University of Colorado Boulder. Please contact your local authority having jurisdiction for code requirements for buildings, projects and activities which are not affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder.

Campus Standards

For the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB), to be used as a guideline for UCB building and construction projects: Building & Construction Standards.

This document was prepared to list some but not all of the requirements based on the latest edition of adopted codes in 2011. Please ensure that all the requirements of applicable codes at the time of new installations or changes to existing installations are verified and implemented. 

Campus Construction, Renovations and Alterations

Firestop 101

When necessary refer to the full Campus Construction/Life-Safety Handbook:

Campus Construction/Life-Safety Handbook - Index

Campus Construction/Life-Safety Handbook

This checklist is for signage in new buildings as required by the 2009 editions of the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC). The checklist includes the type of sign required, a description of what the sign should say, details about locations of the sign and when it is required, and the code sections that pertain to each sign.

Required Building Signage Checklist

This checklist is to determine the fire-rating of a wall before any penetration is made through the wall.  Please fill in any blanks to determine the fire-rating and to ensure that any penetration is correctly protected.  The back side of the document contains applicable code sections to help answer questions and fill in blanks.

Fire-Rated Assembly Checklist

Pre-Construction/Post-Construction Commisioning Check out for Andover Controls and IT and Fire-Rating Checklist:

Fire-Rated Assembly Checklist: Andover Controls

This document was prepared to list the various conditions for issuing a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TOC) for campus buildings.

Conditions for Issuing TOC

This document is limited to general procedures. For specific projects, design team needs to tailor and establish "project-specific" procedures and requirements. Design team may use this web page as a guideline after they independently verify its contents and the applicability of the issues listed. 

Fire Watch Procedures

For more information on fire watch procedures refer to the Division of Fire Safety (DFS) fire watch requirements:

DFS Fire Watch Requirements 

This document is a summary of the fire code requirements for replacing and installing a new petroleum storage tank. These code requirements are based on the 2008 edition of the Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code (NFPA-30) and the 2009 edition of the International Fire Code (IFC). Please note that in addition to fire-safety requirements, environmental requirements (not listed in this document) are also to be followed. Please contact campus Environmental Health and Safety Department for environmental requirements. 

Liquids Storage Tanks Requirements

This document has been prepared by FLS to summarize general review comments applicable to most projects.

General Review Comments