The statements made and requirements listed on this website apply only to the buildings, projects and activities at the University of Colorado Boulder. Please contact your local authority having jurisdiction for code requirements for buildings, projects and activities which are not affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder.

These documents were prepared to list some but not all of the requirements based on the latest edition of adopted codes in 2005. Please ensure that all the requirements of applicable codes at the time of new installations or changes to existing installations are verified and implemented.

Temporary Structures

Inflatable Amusement Rides

The following documents illustrate the code requirements, hazards and fire/fatality statistics associated with use of candles. FLS normally allows the use of candles in theatrical performances and some ceremonies when subjected to full compliance of the requirements and applicable codes and the continuous presence of firewatchers. However, based on these documents and the potential fire risk for the building occupants and the building, FLS requests that candles not be used inside campus buildings. FLS requests that other means, e.g., an air freshener, be used to accomplish the desired effect. Please review the following documents and contact FLS if you wish to discuss any potential alternatives.

Candle Safety - Requirements and Regulations

Candle Safety Code Review

Open Flame Requirements - Assembly Occupancies

The following is a summary of some, but not all, of the requirements for decorations within campus buildings. 

  • All decorations should be of a noncombustible nature, or need to be treated with a fire-retardant coating. 
  • Decorations should not be hung from fire suppression system piping at any time. 
  • Decorations should not obstruct exits, exit access, or exit signage.  They should also not obstruct fire alarm pull stations or fire extinguishers, and remain clear of heat producing appliances. 
  • Dried vegetation as well as wreaths, trees and other live vegetation are prohibited.

Decoration Requirements

These documents were prepared to list some but not all of the requirements based on the latest edition of adopted codes regarding cooking and food preparation. The storage, preparation and distribution of food items requires approval from the CU-Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S).

Cooking Operations - Policies & Procedures

Barbeque Grill Requirements

Indoor Temporary Cooking Appliances

These documents were prepared to summarize the safety conditions of the fireworks/pyrotechnics display as identified by the campus Fire- and Life-Safety Group (FLS). The Boulder Fire Department (BFD) may identify additional conditions and requirements. All special effects and pyrotechnic activities must be reviewed and approved (in writing) by both the Campus Fire Marshal and the BFD before they may be used in an event on campus. 

Pyrotechnic Special Effects

Pyrotechnic Request and Approval Form