Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are to be used only when the central heating system is malfunctioning and/or a comfortable temperature cannot be maintained, and only after written approval by the Campus Fire Marshal.

Portable Heaters - Policies & Procedures

Procede with the following steps to get using a portable heater approved:

1. Submit a service request at the location; indicate your location and concern (i.e. too cold at start of day).  The shops can come take a look and make sure that the systems are working the best they can.  If there is a problem that can be fixed without needing space heaters, it would be best to address the concern this way first.

Service Center Request Form

2. The electrical systems, in most cases, are not designed to handle the additional loads. Performing electrical load calculations allows for an approved portable heater to be selected. Select a UL Listed portable heater. Submit the electrical load calculations, portable heater model, and description of portable heater placement to the Campus Fire Marshal at Zachary.Niehues@colorado.edu

Classroom Capacity Request

There is often a desire to increase the posted classroom capacities to accommodate additional students. There are several specific building/fire code issues to consider in this situation:

  1. To increase classroom capacity to greater than 49 occupants, the room must have 2 exits.
  2. Accessibility requirements mandate specific clearances at doors. Generally a 5 foot by 5 foot clear area at the door will meet all configurations.
  3. Aisles between desks must be 12 inches minimum and 36 inches around classroom circulation areas.

Several additional items commonly encountered when reviewing classroom capacities:

  1. Physical comfort plays a role; depending on the type of course, it’s difficult to sit shoulder to shoulder, take notes, and be expected to actively participate in class.
  2. Some courses are limited by such things as available lab desk space/equipment, data ports, electrical outlets, etc… Academic Scheduling generally is based on room rather than course.  So if the enrollment is increased for the room because one course doesn’t need the data ports, you’d just want to ensure that another course doesn’t over-enroll based on its need for that infrastructure.

Generally there is flexibility to increase capacities by several students.  However, there is a limit to that flexibility within the framework of the above-mentioned criteria.

Classroom Capacity Request Form