Before Scheduling a Fire Drill

  1. Designate a meeting place outside of the building.
    • Follow the guidelines provided in supporting documents.
  2. Designate a Floor Leader (FL) for each floor.
    • This person is in charge of making sure all people on their floor are accounted for during the drill.
    • If a floor has more than 50 people, multiple FLs are to be designated such that each FL has no more than 50 people to account for.
    • This person(s) is to have a list of all occupants within their area.
  3. Contact the Fire Marshall for a meeting to go over building specific evacuation details.
  4. The building proctor is to set a date for the fire drill.

Scheduling a Fire Drill

  1. Schedule the drill with Fire Systems Group (FSG) 303-492-0633 two to three weeks prior to the date of the drill.
    • At the time of the fire drill, FSG will send an alarm technician that will activate the alarm system and then deactivate and reset the system when the drill is completed.
    • The alarm tech will notify the campus Service Center to deactivate the 911 dispatch and will notify the Service Center when the drill is completed.
  2. One week prior to the drill, notify the campus Fire Marshal, the Facilities Operations Control Center, and campus Emergency Management  Include the time, date and extent of coverage of the fire drill in your message. The Service Center will convey that message to the responsible parties including CU Police Department (CUPD), the Boulder Fire Department (BFD) and University Risk Management. In the message, the Service Center will invite the recipients of the email to attend the fire drill if they wish to do so.
  3. Notify CUPD dispatch (303-492-6666) of the fire drill no later than two hours prior to the drill.

During the Drill

  1. All building occupant are to immediately evacuate the building when the alarm sounds. Emergency Evacuation Procedure.
    • If the alarm stops occupants should continue evacuating.
    • Occupants should evacuate the nearest exit.
    • Occupants shall ensure that all interiors doors are closed but left unlocked.
    • Occupants should always use the stairs during an evacuation.
  2. Floor leaders are to be present and are to:
    • Walk the building to confirm that everyone has evacuated.
    • Monitoring time it takes to get his or her designated occupants out of the building.
    • Ensure that horns are sounding on each floor.
  3. When the drill is completed and the alarm is silenced, the drill administrator will give the “all clear” call and signal for normal building operations to resume.

After the Drill

  1. Complete the checklist given by the Fire Marshall and keep further records including but not limited to:
    • Identify the person conducting drills
    • Date and time of drills
    • Notification method use
    • Staff members on duty and participating
    • Number of occupants evacuated
    • Special conditions simulated
    • Problems encountered
    • Weather conditions
    • Time required to accomplish complete evacuations
    • Exit paths obstructions
    • Effectiveness of the evacuation signs
    • Etc.