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Building & Construction Standards

These standards are for use only by the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB), its consultants and contractors. They are to be used as a guideline for UCB building and construction projects. Consultants shall provide project-specific documents and specifications based on code and engineering analyses.

UCB Standards Specification Ownership by Section
Building and Construction Standards Update Request Form

Architectural Standards
Civil Standards
Electrical Standards
Mechanical Standards

Office of Information Technology Communication Standards 2015

Requirements for Construction Activity on Campus

Note: All projects initiated after July 1st of any given year shall use the most current edition of the standards. All projects already underway (with a signed agreement) prior to July 1st shall continue to use the edition of the standards in use at the time of project initiation.

Consultants and contractors must familiarize themselves with the standards and all appendices prior to design and construction of UCB projects.

All revisions to the standards are reviewed/approved by the appropriate AHJ.

Adopted Codes and Standards

Please visit the following links for the latest State adopted codes and standards. Additionally, please ensure compliance with the City of Boulder amendments to the International Fire Code (IFC).

  1. Approved State Building Codes 7/2016
  2. Adopted Codes and Standards
  3. Code Compliance Plan Review Procedures 3/2015
  4. City of Boulder Amendments to the IFC 

If the contents in links 1 & 2 conflict, the more up-to-date codes (listed in the first link) govern.

Other Standards

CAD Standards


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