Ongoing Research Activities

Sustainable Building

  • Protocol of Measurement of On-Site Performance of Green Buildings (ASHRAE)
  • Field Performance Evaluation Method for Green Building – Green Building Assessment Method
  • A Methodology for Categorizing Vernacular Architecture and Assessing Energy Performance (Lindberg Foundation and EEF)
  • Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Breathing Wall Systems (ASHRAE)
  • Assess and Implementation Natural and Hybrid Ventilation Models in Whole-Building Energy Simulations (ASHRAE)
  • Affordable House Project (ICAST)
  • Biomimicry Principles and Implications for Building Design
  • Ecological Impact of Architectural Material Usage
  • Green Building Designs for Boulder, Denver, Commerce City (EPA, CU outreach, etc.)
  • Develop an Integrated and Intelligent Sustainable Building Design Tool with Passive Building Technologies Focus
  • Modeling, Design and Optimization of Double Skin Façade Systems
  • Other areas of interest:
    • Breathing Wall and System
    • Natural Ventilation + Fire Safety
    • Hybrid Vent (BIPV+DSF) (solar-powered ventilation)
    • Curtain Wall Design Guides
    • Smart Architectural Design Tool
    • Application of Ancient Technologies (Weather-Based Design)

Environmental Study

  • Inverse Modeling Method for Indoor Pollutant Tracking (ASHRAE)
  • Fast Simulation Method for Indoor and Environmental Study (ASHRAE)
  • Identification, Classification and Correlation of Ultrafine Indoor Airborne Particulate Matter with Outdoor Values (ASHRAE)
  • Micro-climate Design and Optimization (CSC)
  • Influence of Fire on Building Structure in High-Tech Buildings
  • Thermal and Energy Performance of Task/Ambient Conditioning Systems (ASHRAE)
  • Other areas of interest:
    • Urban Pollutant Source Identification
    • Nano-Particle Indoor Transport, Fate and Health Impact
    • Simulation of Dispersed Two-phase (Air + Particle) Flow in and around Buildings
    • Development of Real-Time Airflow Simulators
    • Dispersion and Inter-Infection of Virus from Breath and Cough
    • Implication of Nano-Particle on Human Health
    • Indoor Environmental Challenges in Public Vehicles (Air, Water, Ground)

Renewable Energy and Developing Countries

  • Biomass Technology and Risk Factor Analysis for Rural China (WHO and NSF)
  • Energy Investigation for Large Commercial Buildings in China (NREL and DOE)
  • Thermal Storage and Co-Generation Technologies
  • Other areas of interest:
    • Biomass Energy Technology and Policy Comparison between Developed and Developing Countries

Building Systems

  • The Correlation between HVAC System Pressure Drop and Energy Savings (NADCA)
  • High Efficient but Low Cost Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger Technologies (Industry and ASHRAE)
  • Low Grade Geothermal Systems for Buildings (Department of the Interior, Division of Energy and Mineral Development)
  • Ventilation of Crawl-Space (Industry)
  • Personalized Ventilation Systems (ASHRAE)
  • Other areas of interest:
    • Buildings and Systems under Extreme Conditions (Dust, Fire, Hurricane and Flood)
    • Buildings Systems for Mission Critical Spaces (Hospital, Data Center etc.)

Completed Research Projects