CVEN 5830: Sustainable Building Design (Fall)

Introduces green building design procedure/approach and provides insight into evolving design principles; explores aspects of building thermal/energy performance, indoor/outdoor
environmental quality, occupant comfort and climate relevant to building design (structures not covered); emphasizes both comprehensive understanding and practical applications of sustainable building design strategies; applies prevailing simulation tools to assist green building design.

CVEN 5830: Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for Built and Natural Environment (Spring)

 The course focuses on the application of physics, electrical circuits, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer for the design and analysis of energy efficient buildings. Topics include indoor environmental quality, solar energy, building thermal analysis, building electrical systems, and lighting analysis.

CVEN 5830: Building Energy Systems (Fall)

The Building System Engineering program seeks to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of buildings.

AREN 3130: Building Energy Laboratory (Spring)

A laboratory course on mechanical systems in buildings, focusing on building applications of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer. Applications include solar collectors, pumps, fans, heat exchangers, and air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

AREN 2120: Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (Spring)

Explores fundamental principles of fluid dynamics and heat transfer. Topics include fluid statics, momentum, and energy conservation; laminar and turbulent viscous flow; convection heat transfer; conduction heat transfer; convection heat transfers; and radiation heat transfer.

AREN 2830: Sustainable Building Practices in Developed and Developing Countries (Spring)

Explores the challenges of sustainable design in developing countries.