CU Boulder University Catalog / CU Boulder FCQ (Fall 2014-Spring 2017 / Fall 2017-present)

Current Courses

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Previous Courses

  • CVEN 2121Analytical Mechanics I – Statics
    • (3 Credits / Fall 2014, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021) Course Description: Examines vector treatment of force systems and their resultants; equilibrium of frames and machines, including internal forces and three-dimensional configurations; static friction; properties of surfaces, including first and second moments; hydrostatics; and minimum potential energy and stability. (Prereq.: PHYS 1110. and Coreq.: APPM 2350)

  • CVEN 3111Analytical Mechanics II – Dynamics
    • (3 Credits / Spring 2015-2021) Course Description: Studies the motion (kinematics) of particles and rigid bodies, and the forces that cause the motion (kinetics). Newton’s laws, as well as energy methods, are used to study the motion of particles and rigid bodies in two and three dimensions. (Prereq.: CVEN 2121. and Coreq.: APPM 2360)

  • CVEN 4511/5511Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
    • (3 Credits / Fall 2016, 2018, 2020) Course Description: Systematic formulation of finite element approximation and isoparametric interpolation (weighted residual and energy methods, triangular and quadrilateral elements). Includes computation applications to the solution of one- and two-dimensional stress deformation problems, steady and transient heat conduction, and viscous flow. (Prereq. for CVEN 4511: CVEN 3161, CVEN 3525, APPM 2360 or MATH 3130 and MATH 4430; all minimum grade C- /  Prereq. for CVEN 5511: same as CVEN 4511 and Req. for CVEN 5511: restricted to graduate students only)

  • CVEN 4525/5525Analysis of Framed Structures
    • (3 Credits / Fall 2015) Course Description: Studies matrix formulation of principles of structural analysis and development of direct stiffness and flexibility methods for analysis of frame and truss structures. Topics include support settlements, thermal loads, and energy formulations of force-displacement relationships. (Prereq. for CVEN 4525: CVEN 3525 / Prereq. for CVEN 5525: same as CVEN 4525 and Req. for CVEN 5525: restricted to graduate students only)

  • CVEN 6511Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Porous Media
    • (3 Credits / Spring 2018, 2020) Course Description: Covers constitutive modeling, multiphase mechanics, and finite element implementation of constitutive models and coupled solid-fluid mechanical governing equations for inelastic porous media at small strain. Considers transient and steady state conditions. Analyzes structural, geotechnical, geological, mechanical, biomechanical, and other related modern engineering problems. Uses general purpose finite element software program for implementation and analysis. (Prereq.: CVEN 5511 and Coreq.: CVEN 5131, or their equivalents. Some knowledge of Matlab and C or Fortran programming or instructor’s consent)

  • CVEN 6831Special Topics – Advanced Computational Failure Analysis
    • (3 Credits / Fall 2015) Course Description: For the last decades, several types of computational failure analysis methods have been developed. However, computational modeling of failure and reliable predictions are still highly problematic and one of the biggest challenges in computational mechanics. The primary motivation of this course is to introduce recently developed strong discontinuity-based computational failure analysis methods that can model arbitrary crack growths in 2D, 3D and shells independent from the initial mesh topologies. Also, a new multiscale analysis method for predicting failure will be introduced with particular emphasis on the situation where the coarse scale model loses its ellipticity, which is always the case with failure. (Prereq.: CVEN 5131, CVEN 5511 and CVEN 6511)