Aerospace Vehicle Guidance & Control (ASEN 6015)

This course gives a comprehensive view of guidance systems used in space vehicles, and methods for analyzing the performance of these systems. The types of guidance systems covered include launch vehicle ascent, intercept/rendezvous, interplanetary, orbit station-keeping, atmospheric re-entry, lander, and low-thrust. The mathematical foundation of these systems is derived and discussed. Real world applications are presented by reviewing selections from published literature. Course work emphasizes performance analysis.

Statistical Orbit Determination (ASEN 6080)

This course provides an in-depth discussion of advanced orbit determination techniques. The focus is on the fundamentals of these methods based on non-linear estimation theory. Topics covered include extended Kalman filters, unscented Kalman filters, square-root information filters, consider covariance analysis, and particle filters.

Aerospace 3: Introduction to Dynamics and Systems (ASEN 2003)

Introduces the principles of particle and planar rigid body dynamics, systems, and controls. Topics include kinematics, kinetics, momentum and energy methods, system modeling, and simple feedback control. Class includes experimental and design laboratory exercises for aerospace applications of dynamic principles.

Statistical Estimation for Dynamical Systems (ASEN 5044)

Introduces theory and methods of statistical estimation for general linear and nonlinear dynamical systems, with emphasis on aerospace engineering applications. Major topics include: review of applied probability and statistics; optimal parameter and dynamic state estimation; theory and design of Kalman filters for linear systems; extended/unscented Kalman filters and general Bayesian filters for non-linear systems.

Orbital Mechanics/Attitude Dynamics and Control (ASEN 3200)

Presents the fundamentals of orbital mechanics, 3D rigid body dynamics and satellite attitude dynamics and controls.