REFoCUS (Retrospective Encoding for Conventional Ultrasound Sequences) allows us to frame multi-pulse transmission imaging as a linear system that can be decoded to perform synthetic aperture imaging.

Multiline Transmit Imaging

Multi-line transmission (MLT) is a common way to accelerate an imaging sequence by overlapping multiple transmit beams. Synthetic aperture approaches reduce cross-talk artifacts by improving focusing along each beam. This work is funded by the  Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (DO 2022-2448).

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Multipulse encoding

Temporal encoding approaches that improve signal-to-noise ratio and penetration rely on invertible codes that can be compressed in time with receive filters. We can produce much simpler codes (without chirps, or even pulse inversion) of arbitrary lengths using REFoCUS for decoding.

Proceedings: Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio Through Generalized Multi-Pulse Transmit Encoding