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Spring 2024 - ECEN 3301 - Biomedical Signals and Systems

Introduces theory and methods to characterize and process biological signals from a variety of sources and engineering applications in the time and frequency domains. This course covers mathematical and computational tools for signal analysis with emphasis on discrete time signals and digital processing. Topics include noise, sampling, Fourier transforms, filter design, LTI systems, and image processing with exercises in MATLAB.





MCEN 4127

Fall 2023 - MCEN 4127/5127 - Biomedical Ultrasound

Covers the design of ultrasound systems for medical imaging and therapy, including the physics of wave propagation, transducers, pulse-echo imaging, flow and tissue characterization, and microbubble contrast, with an emphasis on current topics in biomedical ultrasound. Includes lectures on theory, practice and special topics; a laboratory on wave propagation; oral presentations on current literature; programming exercises for data processing; and a team design project. Uses MATLAB for data generation, processing, and visualization.

Approved for the Biomedical Option and Biomedical Minor. 





MCEN 2023

Spring 2022 - MCEN 2023 - Statics and Structures

Covers statics of particles, equivalent force systems, rigid bodies, equilibrium of rigid bodies in two and three dimensions, analysis of truss and frame structures, uniaxially-loaded members, distributed force systems and friction. Prerequisite: (AAPM 1360 or MATH 2300) and PHYS 1110.