Are you interested in working with the lab? Please refer to the descriptions below and contact Dr. Bottenus by email:

Current CU students 

Undergraduate and masters students interested in partcipating in research should contact Dr. Bottenus with their interests and academic background (department, year, relevant coursework). Students should also consider on-campus research funding opportunities.

Prospective graduate students

Students interested in graduate work with the lab are advised to consult the graduate admissions webpage. We are interested in students with a broad set of backgrounds and skills and recruit into both Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. We are particularly interested in students with experience in signal and image processing looking to extend those skills to medical imaging. After reviewing the program description and requirements, and the work described on this webpage, please feel free to contact Dr. Bottenus with your CV, interests, and any questions.

Post-doctoral researchers

We are looking to hire talented post-doctoral researchers! Applicants should have received a Ph.D. in a relevant field, such as acoustics, optics, signal processing, or related biomedical research. Please contact Dr. Bottenus with your CV, research interests, and a sample of your published work. 


We are always looking for new research directions and, more importantly, interesting collaborators. If you are a researcher with ideas for how we can share tools and methods to improve ultrasound imaging or want to start an inter-disciplinary project, please email!