X-ray Radiation Warning SymbolOur analytical XRD instruments use X-ray radiation to investigate the structure of crystallized biomolecular assemblies using X-ray diffraction (XRD) .

X-Ray radiation is a form of ionization radiation that is potentially very hazardous. Although the X-ray radiation generated by our X-ray generators  will usually only penetrate the body 2-4 cm, it still has the potential to be very hazardous.  Direct exposure to the X-ray beam can lead to radiation damage, burns of the skin and underlying tissue, and in extreme cases could make skin grafts and even amputation necessary. Exposure of the X-ray beams to the eye can lead to permanent cataracts and loss of vision.

So please stay safe, follow all safety protocols strictly and remember: Safety is as simple as ABC - Always Be Careful!

If used with care, while following all safety precautions it is quite safe to operate our XRD machines.