XtaLAB MM003

Rigaku MM007 instrument

A XtaLAB MM003 equipt with a MicroMax-003 Microfocus sealed tube X-ray generator system, a AFC11 Partial-χ, 4-axis goniometer, a Dectris PILATUS 200K 2D hybrid pixel array area detector and an Oxford  cryostream 700.

Rigaku MM007

XtaLAB MM003

A Rigaku MM007 rotating anode x-ray generator with Varimax optics, a Raxis IV++ image plate detector, and an Oxford cryosystem 800. 

Remote Data Collection

We have tools available to ship frozen crystals to synchrotrons for data collection. We are using the Unipuck system. There are two shipping canes holding 7 pucks each, Unipucks (for 16 Xtals each), puck pushers, puck wands, puck separating tools, bent and straight cryo tongs, puck loading dewars and two travel dewars.

Users are expected to organize beam time at synchrotrons and agreements with synchrotrons themselves.

Two workstations are set up in the X-ray facility for remote data collection at the ALS. Other connections can be installed as necessary.