The best way to get involved with the Guatemala team is by coming to our general meetings and talking with members on the team. We also have three sub-teams: Education & Learning, Tech Team, and Operations & Maintenance Team! 

The Education & Learning educates the community on the importance of clean water and sanitation. The team also ensures that the project involves the members of the community. This is a great team to join even if you are not an engineering major!

The Technical Team focuses on the project itself. The team uses software such as AutoCAD to generate the designs that will be implemented. This team utilizes skills learned in the class room to create the water system that will be implemented in the summer. 

The Operations & Maintenance Team focuses on surveillance, follow-up, and the creation of a manual for any necessary repairs after a project has been implemented. This team is great for all majors - whether you are interested in educational, writing, or technical skills!


General Meetings: Thursdays at 6:30-8:00pm in ECCR 110

Contact Macy ( with general questions or to get involved with finances/translation!