The Domestic Team is currently working on two projects, the Engineering for People Design Challenge and the La Jara Water Project.

For the Engineering for People Design Challenge, we have a team of students working to create and design a solution to a variety of problems faced by two communities in rural Peru, Lobitos and Piedritas. Issues taken into consideration include food, transportation, energy, sanitation, and more. Using the context and constraints given in a design brief, they are creating a report outlining their design to submit for judging. 

For the La Jara Water Project, a number of students on our team are working in conjunction with several Community Engineering Corps engineers to help the small town of La Jara, Colorado update its water distribution system. The team is divided into different areas of focus regarding the system, including the distribution system, storage volume, chlorination, electrical, and funding categories. Team members are going to be researching different alternatives within their area of focus to recommend to the town, which they will then compile into a Preliminary Engineering Report.

domestic team flyer