The Engineers Without Borders Guatemala team at the University of Colorado is one of the first and oldest EWB in the country, established in 2002, and worked in Peru up until Spring 2018. As a completely student-run organization, the team has completed various projects such as water transportation and building latrines. They just finished a project in Huacapongo, a small community in Peru, and are now moving forward with their transition into working in Guatemala. 

This past summer, the Peru team completed a successful implementation of a water filtration system, sufficiently lowering turbidity and helping chlorination kill bacteria in Huacapongo's potable water system. Additionally, the team worked with the local health post to host a community night, aimed at promoting and educating the importance of health and hygiene. They took one more evaluation trip this past winter and plan on closing out the project this summer. 

Currently, team Guatemala is planning an assessment trip to Caseria Totolya, a community in need of a distribution system from a spring 5km away from their village. If you would like to get involved with the team, click here!