After our latest assessment trip, we’ve determined that water is the biggest need for Cyanika, our partnering community.  In this sector, poverty is rampant and obtaining clean water is very difficult.  Tap stands are scarce and the ones that are available are far too expensive for most of the community members to afford.  As a result, people collect water from ditches or lakes, sometimes three to five miles away. Desipte their hardships, the people of Cyanika are incredible: hard-working, loyal, and friendly beyond belief. 

Our mission is to design rain water catchment systems that will not only store, but also cleanse the water as it falls during Rwanda’s rainy seasons.  These systems will provide a much-needed source for cleaner, cheaper water to the community.  In this short partnership (1 year), we’ve managed to install three such systems already; we hope to add two more to that list within the next year but may be limited by funding. Cyanika is an incredibly amiable community. Their dedication and passion toward this partnership makes it very promising.

The EWB Rwanda team is happy to report that the implementation trip this summer was extremely successful. After working on fundraising, paperwork, and the design for some time, it was great to see all our hard work come together. The travel team, which was comprised of four students and a mentor left early in July and returned a week before school started. The team was there for a total of five weeks, where we were able to get our project done on time, under budget, and were able to make a stronger friendship with our community. We are excited to return in the future.