Sheldon Masters
Assistant Professor

Department: Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Education: B.A., Mathematics, The College of Wooster (2009), M.S., Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech (2011), Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech (2015)

Teaching: CVEN 3414 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering, CVEN 5524 Drinking Water Treatment

Research: Drinking water treatment, distribution system water quality, and water pipeline corrosion.  

Office: SEEC S269

Selected Awards

  • The Inaugural Ut Prosim Scholar Award
  • Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence, 2016
  • Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) Presentation Award, 2015
  • Virginia Tech Graduate Student of the Year, 2015

Recent Publications:

  1. Masters, S.V., Bradley, T.C., Burlingame, G.A., Seidel, C.J., Schmelling, M. and Bartrand, T.A. (2021). What Can Utilities Expect from New Lead Fifth-Liter Sampling Based on Historic First-Draw Data? Environmental Science & Technology,
  2. Masters, S.V., Bartrand, T.A., Seidel, C.J. (2020). Examining the Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Trigger Level. Journal American Water Works Association, 112(11), 40-50.
  3. Tolofari, D.L., Masters, S.V., Bartrand, T., Hamilton, K.A., Haas, C.N., Olson, M., Summers, R.S., Rasheduzzaman, M., Young, A., Singh, R., Gurian, P. (2020). Full Factorial Study of Plumbing Design and Operation on Building Water Quality. AWWA Water Science, 2(5), 1-17.
  4. Singh, R., Hamilton, K.A., Rasheduzzaman, M., Yang, Z., Kar, S., Fasnacht, A., Masters, S.V., Gurian, P.L. (2020). Managing Water Quality in Premise Plumbing: Subject Matter Experts’ Perspectives and a Systematic Review of Guidance Documents. Water, 12(2), 347.
  5. Ragain, L., Masters, S.V. Bartrand T., Clancy, J. and Whelton, A. (2019). Analysis of Building Plumbing System Flushing Practices and Communications. Journal of Water and Health, 17(2), 196-203.
  6. Katner, A., Pieper, K., Brown, K., Lin, H., Parks, J., Wang, X., Hu, C., Masters, S.V., Mielke, H. and Edwards, M. (2018). Effectiveness of Prevailing Flush Guidelines to Prevent Exposure to Lead in Water. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(7), 1537.