Jess BrownSenior Vice President, R&D Practice Director, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Jess is Director of Carollo Engineers’ R&D Practice and leads Carollo's Biological Treatment Program. During his 22 years in the water industry,  Dr. Brown has worked for dozens of utilities across the U.S., covering feasibility testing, regulatory facilitation, processes selection, design criteria development, preliminary and detailed design, and operations optimization.  Recognizing that innovation must be integrated with sound engineering to meet the increasingly complex challenges facing the water industry, Dr. Brown helped establish the Carollo Research Group’s Innovation to Impact program, a rigorous framework for converting good ideas and creativity into operable, reliable solutions for water purveyors.  A particular technical focus for Dr. Brown has been biological treatment, having been involved with biological treatment research and application since graduate school.  He has served as Principal Investigator or co-Principal Investigator on 9 Water Research Foundation biofiltration projects that documented the state of North American biofiltration practice, developed and applied Engineered Biofiltration strategies, and provided industry guidance on the planning, testing, design, and operation of biofiltration facilities.