StudentsoncampusMost of the courses in the Environmental Engineering curricula have prerequisite and co-requisite requirements. The purpose of these requirements is to ascertain that you are adequately prepared for subsequent courses.

You must successfully complete all prerequisite courses before enrolling in a subsequent course in the Environmental Engineering curricula. You must also satisfactorily complete (grade of C- or better) all co-requisite courses. Grades of D+, D, D-, F, IF, I or W do not satisfy this requirement.

Successful completion of prerequisite and co-requisite courses is monitored by each Department Coordinator. If you do not successfully complete (grade below C-) prerequisite and co-requisite courses, you must re-take those courses before advancing in the curricula. Before re-taking courses, you are strongly urged to consult your faculty advisor to evaluate areas in which stronger academic performance can be achieved.

The prerequisite and co-requisite policy applies only to required and option courses in the curricula. If you have not satisfied all of the prerequisite and co-requisites for an elective course (technical, humanities & social sciences, chemistry), that elective course may be taken with the approval of the instructor along with a petition.

Courses not listed in the curricula may be used to satisfy prerequisite and co-requisite requirements if transfer credit has been approved or a petition to the Environmental Engineering Program has been approved. The College of Engineering and Applied Science petition form for this purpose may be obtained from the Undergraduate advisor.