Carlo Salvinelli

Department: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Education: B.S. in Industrial Engineering, University of Brescia, Italy (2007), M.S. in Engineering Management, University of Brescia, Italy (2012), Ph.D. in Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology (2016)
Teaching: EDEN 5001-001: Introduction to Humanitarian Aid, EDEN 5001-002 Disaster Risk Reduction, EDEN 5001-003: Refugees & Displacement (Fall, 3rd five weeks), CVEN 5833-002: Program & Project Management, CVEN 5833-004: Solution Identification & Proposal Development, CVEN 5833-005: Community Appraisal, CVEN 5833-006: Study Design & Impact Evaluation, CVEN 5833-007: Data Collection & Analysis Tools, CVEN 2837-001: Introduction to Global Engineering
Research: Water service delivery in low income contexts, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian-development nexus and forced displacement related crises

Office: SEEC N285D

Honors and Distinctions       

  • Distinguished Thesis Award, appropriate technologies for environmental management in developing countries. M.Sc. Thesis. CeTAmb - University of Brescia, Italy.

Recent Publications:
* denotes work done in collaboration with students

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  • Mutungwa, W., Pieper*, Z., Macharia*, S., Salvinelli, C., 2019. Rainwater Catchment Systems to Increase Water Access in the Rural Area of Northern Province, Rwanda. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, ASCE, Pittsburgh, PA, May 19-23. DOI: 10.1061/9780784482322.016
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  • White*, E. P., Langenfeld*, J. K., Bradford*, E. L., Haywood*, H. G., Salvinelli, C., and Elmore, A.C. 2015. Assessment of Flow Rate as a Quality Control Test for Ceramic Pot Filters. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, ASCE, Austin, TX, May 17-21. DOI: