Published: Feb. 12, 2015

The Honor Code is hiring a Director of Faculty Relations to begin work in March 2015. This position is part time and requires work over summer and some over winter break. We are looking for hard-working and dedicated students who value academic integrity and who are interested in staying with the Honor Code for several semesters to build on the work we’ve been doing for the past few years.

The principle role of the Director of Faculty Relations is to act as a liaison between the CU-Boulder students and faculty, and to serve as the chief advisor to faculty who work with our office.The Director of Faculty Relations will often give presentations to both student and faculty groups, ranging in audience size from ten to three-hundred or more. The Director of Faculty Relations will also sit on campus forums as a representative of the Honor Code and attend monthly Campus Ethics Committee meetings.

The Director of Faculty Relations works independently on many projects, but also with the rest of the Honor Code team to ensure a climate of academic integrity on campus. The Director of Faculty Relations is also in charge of communicating with the Faculty Advisor of the Honor Code.

Candidates must exhibit strong written and verbal communication skills, a professional demeanor, a love of public speaking, the ability to work well in a group setting, and a sense of humor. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply. The expected work-load is six to ten hours a week in the school year and summer.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send us an application with the following included: 1) a cover letter with your name, college, major, student ID, and the position for which you are applying; 2) a short letter (no longer than 1 page double spaced) with a description of what you feel you can bring to the Honor Code; 3) a resume that details work experience, awards, and other accomplishments; and 4) the names and contact information from two people, one of whom must be a faculty member at the University of Colorado, who can attest to your character and work ethic (no family or friends, thank you!). Please send all of the above to by February 20th. We look forward to hearing from you!