vanessa dunn
Director of Analytics, Assessment and Accreditation
Engineering Administration

Vanessa earned both her BS in applied mathematics (2004) and her master's in educational policy (2009) at CU Boulder. In 2014 she started in CEAS in the BOLD Center as the director of scholarships and community engagement. Her passion for equity, student success and retention, coupled with her experience with data analytics, visualization, and statistical analysis, led her to her current role where she is able to support program assessment and data-driven decision making throughout the college.

Inclusive culture statement: An inclusive culture is important to me because it is critical to our core mission of student success. We want students to have a positive experience while completing their degree and we know that sense of belonging impacts student retention. A more equitable and inclusive environment will lead to higher engagement, an environment of collaboration and support rather than competition and scarcity, and higher retention. This will yield more students who have an opportunity to be successful in their careers and contribute positively in their communities.