Approved 9/8/2010 by the Administrative Council

Full-year sabbaticals have advantages over one-semester sabbaticals in that they provide (1) a longer period for faculty members to pursue new research opportunities and (2) salary relief to the departments to help meet teaching and other needs. With the suspension of CRCW Faculty Fellowships, the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU-Boulder has developed a supplemental program to encourage full-year sabbaticals. In particular, this program offers an additional 20% of the academic-year salary to faculty members taking full-year sabbaticals, on top of the normal 50% of the academic-year salary that they receive on sabbatical. The department then retains the remaining 30% of the academic-year salary, and the faculty member is responsible for raising (or foregoing) 30% of her or his salary. In addition, the Dean will provide $4000 in discretionary funds for research, travel, etc. to each faculty member who successfully applies for this program.

This sabbatical supplement opportunity is not automatic, but instead is considered on a caseby-case basis. To apply, a faculty member should submit a cover letter along with a full-year sabbatical application. The cover letter should be addressed to the Department Chair, request the sabbatical supplement, and explain how the full-year sabbatical will benefit the faculty member’s career at CU. The Department Chair should sign his or her approval on the letter and then forward it along with the sabbatical application to the Dean’s Office.

If a faculty member planning a full-year sabbatical has outside funding for all or part of the second semester of pay, he or she may still request $4000 in discretionary funds and any academic-year salary shortfall (up to 20%). The cover letter should explain the situation and indicate the amount requested.