Faculty receiving an overall (or composite) annual performance rating of "Below Expectations" are required to prepare a Professional Improvement Agreement (PIA).

  • The PIA is an agreement between the faculty member and the Primary Unit head/chair or a review committee. The PIA details a plan which the faculty member and unit will follow to improve performance in the problem area or areas.
  • Usually, the PIA will be established for one year. But, if research deficiencies warrant longer, the PIA may be set for two years.
  • If the goals of the PIA are being/have been met, as evidenced in the next annual evaluation, the faculty member continues in the regular five-year post-tenure review cycle. If the goals of the PIA are not being/having not been met at the next annual merit evaluation, an extensive review process shall be initiated.
  • Evaluations of "Below Expectations" may be appealed to an appropriate department review committee at the next administrative level. Appeals must be submitted in writing by the first day of the following fall semester. Appeals should be resolved by the primary unit by October 15.
  • Faculty members who have signed a formal and binding retirement contract shall not be subject to post-tenure review.