Approved10/31/06 by the Administrative Council

The faculty director of a research center is eligible to receive supplemental pay when the conditions below are met. A supplemental stipend of typically up to 5% of the director’s AY base salary is recommended for the faculty director only. The stipend will be provided by the dean's office and is subject to annual progress, review, and approval by the Dean. If two or more faculty members serve as co-directors, then the stipend may be split between the co-directors. The stipend does not apply to associate directors. Eligibility conditions include:

  1. The center must be formally approved by the campus, as specified by the 'Procedures for the Establishment of Centers, Institutes, Laboratories and Bureaus'.
  2. The center should have a high level of activity, including participation of multiple faculty, support of PhD students, peer-reviewed publications, education and/or outreach programs, and sufficient grant funding from industry and/or government sources, and the director should play a key role in promoting the success and visibility of the center.

A one-page status report is due annually to the Associate Dean for Research by 1 September for the prior fiscal year, describing center activity and programs, listing faculty participants and sponsors, citing the total annual expenditures (give speed types or org number)