Approved 10/13/2008 by the Administrative Council
Updated and Approved 6/13/16

Faculty members are generally expected to be present on campus during the semesters, to fulfill their teaching, service and other academic responsibilities, except in cases of illness, personal emergency, religious observances, or when the absence is desirable for the faculty member to meet professional responsibilities, such as to attend professional conferences, present seminars, serve on review panels, or perform scholarly work. When a faculty member is not able to attend a class, office hours, or other teaching or service duties, the faculty member should make alternative arrangements so that these responsibilities are met in a way that provides a positive experience for the students and others affected by the absence. In addition, the following procedures apply for extended absences:

  • If a faculty member is to be absent from campus because of travel for more than five contiguous working days in a semester, the faculty member must inform the department chair or program director in writing (email is permitted) of the proposed absence, its benefits to the University of Colorado, and the arrangements to meet class, advising, and service responsibilities, and receive written approval (email is acceptable) of the chair or director in advance of the absence.
  • If a faculty member is to be away from campus because of travel for more than ten working days overall in a semester, then the dean, as well as the chair or director, must approve in writing or email the proposed absences and plans for meeting the faculty member’s on-campus responsibilities.
  • Sabbatical leaves, parental leaves, and family medical leaves have established campus procedures that must be followed.
  • Leave with or without pay should be requested for extended absences not associated with sabbatical, a parental leave, or medical leave, when the leave would cause the faculty member to not be able to fulfill on-campus responsibilities such as teaching, advising and service.
  • Submission of a request for faculty absence from campus should be made no later than one week prior to the intended departure.

Permission will be granted only for those absences having sufficient benefit to the University and with appropriate plans for meeting the faculty member’s on-campus responsibilities.