Approved 2/25/08

Research Associate

The title of “Research Associate” is granted to persons possessing the Ph.D. degree or its equivalent and whose academic qualifications are comparable to those of the regular faculty ranks of assistant professor or associate professor. Research associate faculty work both independently and cooperatively on projects and contribute original, creative work. Research associates are distinguished by their original contributions, leadership, and initiative in research and their work on research rather than in support of research. These positions are non-tenure track and generally do not have classroom teaching requirements. They are faculty positions such that holders may be PI’s or Co-PI’s on grant applications. All hiring dossiers are submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research/Dean of the Graduate School. Individual hiring units are responsible for creating positions on-line, as well as inputting the hiring information on-line in PeopleSoft. Appointments will only be approved once the complete hiring dossier has been reviewed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research/Dean of the Graduate School. Specific appointment procedures are found on the Research & Innovation Office website.

Promotion to Senior Research Associate

The title of “Senior Research Associate” is analogous to the title of Professor and may be granted to individuals with at least seven years of post-doctoral work or its equivalent. These are career, non-tenure-track positions and generally do not have classroom teaching requirements. This title would pertain to an individual who, because of outstanding, sustained, and superior performance is recognized by his or her peers as an accomplished senior researcher and leader in his or her field. Faculty with this title will have made outstanding contributions in research and achieved international recognition, as evidenced by original publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, award of patents, service in national and international organizations and review groups, and continued research funding. Senior research associates must have demonstrated leadership activities.

To promote a research associate to the senior level, the following information must be provided to the Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science who approves and forwards it to the Vice Chancellor for Research:

  • A letter from the department chair (or another faculty member and then approved by the department chair) explaining how the candidate meets the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s criteria for promotion (see above). This letter should include a statement indicating the department’s support of the request.
  • The candidate’s current vita.