The College of Engineering and Applied Science is committed to ensuring the fair and lawful treatment of all its personnel, ensuring that it complies at all times with the University of Colorado and State of Colorado employment legislation.

In addition to the above, the College of Engineering and Applied Science continually reviews salary ranges for all positions in the college, and monitors salary compression when hiring new employees, evaluating promotions, and carrying out position updates.

The college determines salaries for staff via the below formula.

Salary = function (job code X education X experience/skill set X merit) + location

  • Job Code – Job codes represent a specific scope of work, tasks or duties in the university. This is different from a working title, which is a title most easily recognized and understood by internal and external constituencies. For example, an Academic Services Professional job code can pertain to an Undergraduate Academic Advisor working title.
  • Education – Highest relevant education level, training and/or certifications at or beyond those listed as minimum requirements to perform the position successfully.
  • Experience/Skill Set – The number of years of industry, relevant, and unique functional experience the applicant possesses.
  • Merit – Reward linked with performance management scores upon an evaluation of an entire annual cycle.  
  • Location – The evaluation and setting of salary ranges will include a comprehensive review of comparable positions (considering both size and scope) within the various programs of the College, the University of Colorado system and with appropriate external sources.

Salary evaluation process:

  • a position description is submitted to our Position Management & Compensation Consultant in Campus HR via our college HR staff.   
  • a salary range is developed for the position and shared with the college HR staff and manager of the position. The college pay philosophy is to have an employee at the median of the salary range within 3 – 5 years of direct experience in the position. 
  • the college’s HR unit completes a thorough compensation analysis for the employee in question with input from the department, recommends a starting salary based on the above formula while ensuring the salary recommended is in alignment with current CEAS salaries. The analysis is submitted to the Senior Director of Engineering HR for review and approval. 
  • the Senior Director of Engineering HR reviews the compensation analysis for internal equity and ensures the salary is competitive in higher education. The salary is approved.  
  • the salary is communicated by the HR unit to the position manager. An offer is extended to the candidate. 

It is our goal to help you achieve your business goals while maintaining quality standards of equitable pay for equitable work. Your College Human Resources team will evaluate salary ranges for all new and updated university and classified staff positions at the time they are created or re-exempted from the state personnel system. If the hiring authority wishes to offer a salary increase within the first year of employment in their current role, a request for a salary increase, including a brief justification, must be submitted to the Senior Director of Engineering HR.

An employee of the college may request a review of their compensation by emailing One-on-one compensation analysis appointments may also be scheduled by emailing