Mindy Zarske
Teaching Associate Professor • Associate Program Director
Engineering Plus

DLC, 176

Mindy Zarske is a Teaching Associate Professor with the Engineering Plus program. Dr. Zarske teaches engineering design in First-Year Engineering Projects (GEEN 1400), Engineering Projects for the Community (GEEN 2400), Invention and Innovation (GEEN 3400), and Circuits for Engineers (GEEN 3010). She also helps prepare undergraduate students to follow their dreams of teaching through the CU Teach Engineering program, including teaching  STEP 1 (EDUC 2020)  and Teaching Design (GEEN 4400). Dr. Zarske was awarded the Sullivan-Carlson Innovation in Education Award (2019) and the John and Mercedes Peebles Innovation in Education Award (2020) from the CU's College of Engineering & Applied Science.

Dr. Zarske received her PhD in environmental engineering from CU Boulder and brings over 20 years of teaching experience to her classes and community.

Her primary research covers the effects of intrateam segregation on engineering teams and the impacts of project-based service-learning on student identity and perseverance in P-12 through undergraduate engineering education. She is currently Chair of the American Society of Engineering Education's Board of Director's Commission on P-12, co-PI of an NSF grant on TeachEngineering - free, hands-on engineering curricula for K-12 STEM teachers, and she formerly served as a co-PI on NSF GK-12 Grants.

Dr. Zarske's office is located along the bridge between the ITLL and DLC (second office from the north end).