Lou Rutherford
Associate Director
Engineering Management Program

Lou has been an employee of CU Boulder since she started her education here in the spring of 1990. She graduated with a BA in Spanish and a BS in Journalism and Mass Communication. Her professional experience spans over 25 years of employment in the Financial Aid Office, the Division of Continuing Education, and the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Providing great customer service, creating an efficient but safe and fun work environment, and maintaining a reasonable work-life balance for employees are her goals as a manager – no matter where and who she’s working for. Lou enjoys cooking (but mostly eating), snowboarding, playing billiards, softball, and volleyball, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Inclusive culture statement: Inclusive culture is important to me because everyone should be valued, appreciated, respected, and feel a sense of belonging. Inclusive culture is critical for people to become more educated and accepting of others who are different from them. When this happens, I believe there is less bias, descrimination and racism. I want to be able to help make a difference and/or change that creates as much of an inclusive culture as possible for my work unit, the CEAS, and the campus.