The College of Engineering and Applied Science is considering the creation of a college-level Inclusive Culture Council to be integrated into the College Rules. This page provides information about the council and a means of providing input on the proposal.


The purpose of the Inclusive Culture Council (ICC) is to provide strategic leadership and transparency for cultivating an inclusive, equitable, interculturally competent and supportive environment in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The ICC strives to bring justice, equity, diversity and inclusion leaders within the college together for systematic, intentional and integrative planning and to formalize equitable and inclusive practices with established metrics. The council works closely with the college’s representative to the IDEA Council to ensure alignment with the university’s equity, diversity and inclusion overall goals.

The council has the following responsibilities:

  • counsels and makes recommendations to the dean and senior leadership 
  • acts as a catalyst for fostering cultural change within the units, departments and programs, for example by sharing a vision of equity, diversity and inclusion and recommending policy and practice changes 
  • identifies, gathers and openly communicates data outlining the state of equity, diversity and inclusion in CEAS 
  • monitors progress towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusion goals and recommends policies, procedures and accountability for results achieved 
  • amplifies evidence-based strategies to address equity, diversity, inclusion and justice to improve the recruitment, retention and overall culture for underrepresented faculty, staff and students 
  • supports and advises respective units, departments and programs and the college at large on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion actions and activities
  • serves as a communication and collaboration hub for all groups working on equity, diversity and inclusion efforts across the units, departments and programs 


If approved, the Inclusive Culture Council will consist of:

  • A faculty representative and a staff representative appointed by the chair and director of each degree granting department/program within the College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Assistant Dean for Access, Inclusion and Student Programs (chair)
  • Director of Inclusive Culture
  • Representative to the IDEA Council
  • At least one staff or faculty representative from non-degree-granting programs
  • Representatives from undergraduate and graduate student organizations as invited by the ICC and appointed by the respective student organizations in the college
  • The Dean will appoint ex-officio members as necessary

All members of the ICC, as recognized by the Assistant Dean of Access, Inclusion and Student Programs (chair), are voting members. Council members may rotate after fulfilling a two-year term.

Ad Hoc Committee

The ad hoc committee participated in the development of the Inclusive Culture Council proposal. A standing council will be formed upon approval of the council.


Terri Wright, Assistant Dean for Access, Inclusion and Student Programs


Kyle Freeman, Office Coordinator | Engineering Management Program
Eric Frew, Associate Chair & Professor | Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Rafael Frongillo, Assistant Professor | Computer Science 
Kassadi Gabriel, Event Coordinator/Staff Council |  Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Christine Hrenya, Professor | Chemical and Biological Engineering
Amy Javernick-Will, Professor Construction Engineering and Management | Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 
Amy Moreno, Director of Inclusive Culture | College of Engineering and Applied Science
Emily Mitzak, Undergraduate Student | Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Katie Morgan, Research Accountant | Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Prasanth Prahladan, Graduate Student | Computer Science
Sheiva Rezvani, Teaching Assistant Professor | ATLAS
Fernando Rosario-Ortiz, Professor & Liaison to IDEA Council | Environmental Engineering
Laramie Rose, Graduate Advisor | Materials Science
Ella Sarder, Undergraduate Student | Computer Science
Diane Sieber, Director & Professor | Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics & Society 
Evariste Some, Graduate Student | Computer Science
Janet Tsai, Teaching Assistant Professor | Mechanical Engineering
Debbie Yeh, Academic Advisor - Area Director | Mechanical Engineering
Mindy Zarske, Teaching Associate Professor | Engineering Plus