Endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships are among the highest recognitions that the College of Engineering and Applied Science can bestow upon a faculty member. Such appointments are an honor to the named holder of the appointment and a tribute to the benefactor who established it. CEAS faculty who presently hold an endowed appointment are recognized here

The college has a limited number of such appointments and so designation can only be made to the highest performing faculty.

An annual selection process is conducted in the spring semester. In this process, the Dean solicits inputs from all Department Chairs and the Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement. After discussion with the Chairs and the ADFA, the Dean makes assignments of open endowed appointments in a manner consistent with the intent of the benefactor and performance of the faculty. Appointments may be renewed, made to faculty within the college, or to faculty joining the college. Appointments are generally made for a term of four years with a July 1 start date and are renewable based on performance.

Three types of endowed appointments exist within CEAS. Endowed fellowships are characterized with a maximum 5% AY salary stipend, a small amount of discretionary funding, or both. Endowed professorships are characterized with a maximum 10% AY salary stipend and a small to moderate amount of discretionary funding. Endowed chairs are characterized with a maximum 15% AY salary stipend and a moderate to large amount of discretionary funding. In all cases, the total funding provided is equal or less than the distribution of funds made available from the CU Foundation (averaged over the term of the appointment to include anticipated salary increases).

Department chairs are encouraged to announce all new endowed appointments in the first department meeting of the fall semester.