Emeritus Status

According to the Faculty Handbook, "Upon retirement, any administrative officer or any professional member of the faculty, in accordance with normal faculty review procedures or by approval of the Board of Regents, may be allowed to retain his/her title with the description 'emeritus.'"

Procedure for Regular Faculty

The Chair writes a letter to the Dean, requesting emeritus status for the retiring faculty member, including a department vote and brief justification. The request is sent to the Dean's office, the Dean concurs, and then the request is sent to Faculty Affairs. When the request has been approved by Faculty Affairs, a copy is returned to the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The Dean’s office enters the emeritus status into PeopleSoft. A copy of the approved request is sent to the Department Chair and the staff assistant.

There is no particular timeline that must be followed for requesting emeritus status. The request may be made either before or after the time of retirement. The effective date will be as of the retirement date.

Procedure for Research Faculty

The title of Research Professor Emeritus/a is granted by the Dean of the Graduate School/Vice Chancellor for Research, after advice from the Executive Advisory Committee. Nomination materials must include:

  • A letter of recommendation and nomination from the Department Chair or Institute Director, including a specification of the commitment of office or other space needs for the candidate.
  • A CV for the candidate.
  • A report of the unit vote for the proposed Research Professor Emeritus/a.
  • A statement from the candidate about his or her plans as a Research Professor Emeritus/a.