Dana Francesca Stamo
Graduate Student
Chemical and Biological Engineering

As a current PhD student, I want to foster a culture that blends and weaves DEI issues throughout academia, rather than tacking on lists of DEI tasks. My efforts on the ICC and beyond involve nuanced inspections of campus norms that stand in the way of CU’s achievement of inclusive excellence. This involves redefining academic success to celebrate the unique ways students inspect and interact with the world to enable anyone who is passionate about STEM to pursue their goals. One way I do this is through a redesigned mentorship style that helps students uncover their personal excellence and identity in science.

I’m a creative existing at the intersection of art and science which is a fancy way of saying I don’t separate my hobbies from my work. The same mindset I use in painting and graphic design is present in my engineering new medicine for infectious diseases. My favorite hobbies are learning and creating; I’m endlessly grateful that I have the opportunity to engage with my passions casually and professionally. Lately, those passions include immunology and roller-skating.