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The College of Engineering and Applied Science Faculty Governance Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean in making decisions related to issues of administration including, but not limited to, budget and resource policy and distribution, faculty evaluations and grievances, and faculty advancement. In addition, this committee shall appoint an evaluation committee to perform a fair, thorough, and confidential evaluation of the Dean.

The voting faculty of the College of Engineering & Applied Science approved the CEAS Faculty Governance Council on Nov. 1, 2022. The draft bylaws of that committee indicated that the inaugural Faculty Governance Committee (FGC) will consist of 13 voting members, as enumerated below:

  • One member will be elected from each of the six departments (nominated and elected by voting members of each department, based on their bylaws).
  • One member will be nominated and elected by the Program faculty not affiliated/rostered with a department (ATLAS, Integrated Design Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Herbst, and Engineering Management); and 
  • Six at-large members. These members may be tenured, tenure-track, instructor-track, scholars-in-residence, or research-track faculty.


  • Chair: Andrew Goodwin
  • Vice Chair: Roseanna Neupauer
  • Secretary: Katherine Ramos
  • At-Large Member of Executive Committee: Melinda Piket-May

Committee Chairs

  • Teaching Affairs Committee: Novella Bates
  • Faculty Affairs Committee: Shivakant Mishra and Alireza Doostan
  • Budget and Resource Policy and Distribution Committee: Sarah Stanford-McIntyre

Elected Representatives