First awarded in 1990, the outstanding staff award recognizes a staff member who has made outstanding contributions to his or her work unit, which benefits the students, staff, and faculty of their unit and the college. The contributions of the nominee should emphasize both the individual’s commitment to serving the students and employees of the college. The individual’s efforts toward this commitment can be expressed in many ways including, but not limited to, the outstanding performance of his/her position’s duties, concern for students and willingness to help, creative uses of resources and time to produce desired results and/or programs, effective communication skills and exceptional knowledge of college and university resources and programs.

As many as three staff may be selected for this honor each year.

The award is presented annually and the winner receives a stipend of $2,000.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Nominations and supporting documentation should be submitted to the dean’s office by the first Friday in November.
  2. A committee of three, appointed by the assistant dean for administration, will review all nominations and recommend an award recipient to the dean.
  3. The award will be presented at the college faculty and staff reception in December.

Making a Nomination

Option 1

Submit a Chancellor’s Staff Award nomination or the nomination materials previously prepared for a similar recognition (three letters of nomination are required; no more than three will be accepted). The previous nomination may be from the current or previous calendar year. 

Option 2

Submit the following documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format:

  • Nomination packet, consisting of exactly three letters of recommendation — Describe the way(s) in which the individual has made contributions including the individuals/groups/organizations that have benefited from the contributions.

Previous Recipients


Dominique de Vangel (Chemical and Biological Engineering) and Rajshree Shrestha (Computer Science)


Robin McClanahan
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering


J. Franklin
Integrated Teaching and Learning Program


Katherine McConnell
Mechanical Engineering


Chris Anderson
College of Engineering and Applied Science

George Carter
Mechanical Engineering


Sarah Melssen
Aerospace Engineering Sciences


Amanda Parker
Dean's Office


Linda Rose
Dean's Office


Sharon Anderson
Dean's Office


Claire Yang
Aerospace Engineering Sciences