Published: March 9, 2021
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Jessica joined the faculty at CU this fall as an instructor for the brand-new Biomedical Engineering Program. Originally from upstate NY, Jessica completed her PhD in Bioengineering from Northeastern University in Boston in May with a research focus in optical sensors and disease detection. She is passionate about improving engineering education, and providing students with both a practical knowledge of biomedical engineering principles and applications, and with the communication and professional skills they need to be successful on their respective career paths. Jessica is incredibly excited to be at the launch point of the new biomedical engineering program at CU, and she aims to create and foster a sense of community, diversity, and inclusion among its students and her classes as the program continues to grow and develop. 

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? 

I’m pretty much a walking random fact generator and a total movie trivia nerd, though don’t count on me for history or sports trivia! 

Your coworkers can always count on you to….

Provide some home-baked goods for social events and meetings. My baking Instagram is @phd_licious if you want to see my portfolio!

Which TV show do you never miss? 

This is Us. Because we all need an emotional rollercoaster every now and then.

What has been your favorite work or personal project so far? 

One of my favorite recent personal projects was repurposing an old typeset drawer from an antique printing press. I gave it a facelift and now it holds some trinkets that have been passed down in my family and has space for some small air plants.

What do you most like to do to unwind? 

Get out in nature or someplace peaceful, read a book for fun, or go shopping for a new plant to add to my collection.