Published: Sept. 30, 2019
Amy Moreno

Amy came to CU Boulder nine years ago from Iowa State University. Amy is a first-generation college student and earned degrees in Animal Science, Cultural Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. In 2006, Amy participated in a study abroad experience studying various aspects of biological life in Australia in which her research area of focus centered on the experience of Aboriginal Australians. Amy has served as a residence hall director, senior training and development specialist and diversity and inclusion education program manager on campus before accepting the inaugural role of Director of Inclusive Culture. An example of Amy’s work with inclusive education includes designing the curriculum for Making Excellence Inclusive 101 for staff and faculty on campus. Beyond CU Boulder, Amy is a Co-Founder of iConnections Consulting, LLC. and serves as a faculty member for IDI,LLC. certifying individuals across the country to use the Intercultural Development InventoryTM (IDI). 

What has been your favorite work or personal project so far? 

One of the programs that I am most proud of designing and implementing on our campus is the Employee English Language Program for frontline service employees! It has been incredible to collaborate with the International English Center and provide free English language learning for employees that supports their career and personal goals. Our employees are so talented and I appreciate how hard they work on our campus and in the classroom!

What is your motto?

“Let’s move from everyone is welcome here to we’ve designed this place with you in mind.”

What do you most like to do to unwind?

I love to get out into the wilderness to hike and camp. It is really important for me to take time to disconnect and enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Your coworkers can always count on you to . . .

Care about the wellbeing of our team, college and students. I’m constantly thinking about the larger picture and value campus partnerships. When I am a part of a team, if an individual or the team is not thriving, then it impacts me greatly. I believe in strong collaboration and leveraging the expertise and skills of various entities across campus. Add diversity and an inclusive culture, and we have a dynamic formula for innovation and making excellence inclusive!