school partners

Mentor Teachers

We appreciate your willingness to mentor and supervise one of CU Boulder’s student teachers. Being a mentor teacher is rewarding and you play an essential role in shaping the next generation of teacher leaders. You model effective teaching practices and guide and support your student teacher. You help orient the teacher candidate to the school, community, building culture, students, classroom routines, policies, curriculum, and instruction and assessment practices. Specifically, you regularly plan with, observe, and provide specific feedback to the teacher candidate, including daily informal conversations. You also support the student teacher with Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) and participate in mid-assignment assessment plans and final conferences.

School Supervisors

Supervisors are resources for both the student teacher and the mentor teacher, and serve as liaisons between the university and the field. Supervisors are responsible for observing student teachers' lessons and progress in classrooms at least five times each semester and meeting with student teachers in a student teaching seminar that meets a minimum of 10 times per semester. In addition, supervisors will provide critical feedback during observations that encourage students to improve and to critically analyze their practice. Supervisors work in concert with student teachers to identify specific areas of challenge or interest in both the classroom and their completion of the edTPA. In this way, student teachers are able to participate in their own learning and make decisions about particular goals they wish to address.

Mentoring Your Student Teacher Guide

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