Published: April 10, 2023

Dogs take after their owners… or so they say. I have been surrounded by animals throughout my entire life, and while each one of them has their own characteristics, they all seem to share an abstract similarity. As a pre-vet student, personality, behavior, and temperament of animals has always interested me. Throughout my coursework at CU, I was able to take a class called Animal Behavior, which unfolded the complexities of the actions and behaviors of animals. I was able to combine passion and knowledge to discover new psychological components of animals I was interested in.


My research is a literary analysis of the origin and influences of canine personality. To what degree does the environment and/or genetics play in influencing a pet’s personality; if canine personality is not a fixed mechanism, can a dog’s personality, behavior, and reactions align to their owners? Dogs are an especially interesting animal to choose because they have been highly domesticated, and their lives are closely intertwined with our day-to-day activities. Another level of analysis is interviewing veterinarians, professionals in the field, on their personal experiences and opinions of dog personalities.


This research is significant to both pet owners and veterinarians. By understanding the mechanisms and psychology behind dog personality, we can create better environments for our pets to live in. This project allows me to explore the field of veterinary medicine from a different perspective.  I look forward to working with Dr. Kamath, seeing what conclusions can be drawn from the literature, and being able to speak with veterinarians.