Published: Aug. 9, 2019

Shana Williams, a first-generation student, enrolled at CU Boulder with an open option major and the intention of finding what sort of science she was most interested in and what would be the most helpful for her long term goal of getting into nursing school. Shana took an array of courses in her first year, from computer science to physiology, and soon found that the EBIO department was her perfect fit. She found the professors were particularly involved with their students and their success, appreciating “how welcoming the department was to people seeking experience in EBIO”. Shana continued to find pleasure in being a part of the EBIO department and soon joined the Davies Lab and worked as an undergraduate assistant. She worked with Matt Bitters, a graduate student, and researched “deforestation and the impact it can have on the cycle for parasites, and the invertebrates/vertebrates the parasitize”. Kendi Davies and Matt Bitters were also particularly helpful in advising Shana on her academic goals, answering all questions and giving her insight as to what graduate school would be like. Shana was recently accepted into the Johns Hopkins Nursing School, which was her dream, and finished her degree at CU Boulder after undertaking what is truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

Shana Williams  Shana Williams