Published: March 30, 2015
Anna Walker Student Highlight

I am in my senior year as an undergraduate in the EBIO department. I have immensely enjoyed every EBIO class I have taken not only because the material is always so interesting, but also because the people in the department, students and professors alike, are great. My favorite classes include Insect Biology and any Critical Thinking course.  I recently took CT DNA, Development, and Diversity. This class was great because it tied valuable concepts from multiple disciplines together, and gave me the opportunity to apply many of the concepts I have learned over my time here at CU to research that is actually going on. Another thing I have enjoyed taking advantage of within the department, is the opportunity to work in a Lab. I have worked in the entomology department of the CU Natural History Museum with Cesar Nufio for a couple semesters now, and can truly say the experience has been invaluable. With funding from UROP, we have been working on a project to determine how grasshopper species of the Front Range have responded to climate change over the past fifty years. We are finding that different species respond to environmental changes in different ways. For example, some species change in size while others shift the coloration patterns in their wings.