Aerospace Engineering Professor Brian Argrow, will present "Games of Drones!"  This show illuminates unmanned aircraft design. Students will explore concepts related to flight  aerodynamics; drag, lift, and thrust by constructing their very own origami paper airplanes. Prof. Argrow and Michael Rhodes will demonstrate to a young audience how drones are utilized for integrated remote and in situ sensing. Drones are useful to gather useful scientific data that informs scientifc teams about atmospheric dymanics, storm meterology, clouds, climate change and more. To read more how drones are utilized for research and remote sensing visit: 

This is very fun, educational show for all kids who like to imagine, build and design unmanned aircraft!

Teachers, Parents, Kids!

Below is the CU Wizards Show Toolkit for this program:

Click here to download pdf of Aeronautic Concept Vocabulary WORD FIND PUZZLE to do!

Click here to download pdf of The Great International Paper Airplane Book (Mander, Dippel & Gossage, 1967).

Click here to watch video of how to fold one of the favorite paper airplanes that Prof. Argrow flew as a kid!

Argrow field