VIDEO: Webinar June 19, 2021 ~ Prof. Tom Perkins "From Very Small to Very Big: Microscopy & the Powers of Ten"

VIDEO: Webinar April 10, 2021 ~ Prof. Moni Fleshner "Superheros Within! Immunity in Health & Disease"

VIDEO: Webinar March 13, 2021 ~ Prof. Eric Cornell "S.P.E.E.D! ...Scientific Possibilities: Enthusiastic Experimental Demonstrations"

VIDEO: Webinar February 20, 2021 ~ Prof. Tanja Cuk "The Magic of Chemistry!"

VIDEO: Webinar January 23, 2021 ~ Prof Katja Friedrich "The Tumultuous Life of Cumulus Clouds"

VIDEO: Webinar November 14, 2020 ~ Prof. Alysia Marino & Gwen Eccles "GRAVITY!"  (Happy Thanksgiving!)

VIDEO: Webinar October 31, 2020 ~ Prof. Lew Harvey "Illusion & Reality: The Science of Perception" (Show begins at 4 min 30 sec into recording ~ Happy Halloween!)

VIDEO: Webinar September 26, 2020 ~ Prof. Michael Dubson "BOOM via ZOOM! The Physics of Sound and Music" 

VIDEO of 30th Anniversary CU Wizards Celebratory Webinar with Special Guest Prof. John Taylor

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