June 22, 2019 "The Games of Drones"

In this all new CU Wizards show with aerospace engineering professor Brian Argrow, who knows all about very cool topics including unmanned aircraft design, high-speed aerodynamics and gas dynamics, will demonstrate to a young audience drones and explain how they’re used to gather all sorts of useful scientific information. This...

George Thumbnail 2019

May 18, 2019 "The Chemistry of Energy!"

All kinds of energy conversions will be observed and discussed during "The Chemistry of Energy." The show will demonstrate how lightning bugs convert chemical energy to light energy and how hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis and then reacted to produce energy. Ethanol will be combusted with oxygen to illustrate...

palmer Thumb 2019

April 20, 2019 "One Fish...Two Fish...Fluorescent Red & Green Squish!"

Are you captivated by color and light? Join CU Biochemistry Professor Amy Palmer to learn about how scientists harness the natural colorful glow of jellyfish to create tools that allow us to actually see motion of the molecules inside cells, illuminating our understanding of diseases & potential cures! The invisible...

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March 16, 2019 "Zap! Electricity and Magnetism!"

CU Physics professors Alysia Marino and Daniel Bolton reveal the magic of electric charges and magnets. How does electrical attraction/repulsion work? What is going on inside an electric circuit? How does a power plant generate electricity? Come and see for yourself; the atmosphere will be “electric”!


February 23, 2019 "BOOM! The Physics of Sound & Music"

Professor Micheal Dubson's "BOOM! The Physics of Sound and Music!" will both delight and inform kids of all ages! Saturday, February 23, CU Campus in Duane Physics G1B30 from 9:30-10:30 am


January 26, 2019 "Surfing with a Mathematician"

CU Wizards Surfing with a Mathematician: Nonlinear waves & Fluids! A show for ages 5-18 , from 9:30 to 10:30 am, located at Duane Physics G1B30, CU Boulder. CU Applied Mathematics Professor Mark Hoefer will show us how mathematics describes fluids and how non-linear waves help us understand systems as...


December 1, 2018 "There's Something in the Air"

CU Professor Steven Brown travels the world to study the amazing, invisible, ethereal stuff that blankets our amazing planet and makes life on Earth possible. Have you wondered...Why is the Sky Blue!? Why are sunrises orange? What is air made of exactly? Did you know the Earth wears sunglasses!? And...

Damrauer Thrum

November 3, 2018 "The Chemistry of Bread"

Around the world, bread is everywhere. But why? Does it sustain us or is it just there to protect our fingers from the peanut butter and jelly? Why does it have holes in it? Can you make it bounce or blow it up like a balloon or light it ablaze?...


October 20, 2018 "The Tumultuous Life of Cumulus Clouds"

Have you ever asked yourself: How do clouds form? Why do they have different shapes? Why do some clouds rain and others just move on? What do I need to make a cloud? Can I make a cloud at home? Join CU Wizards on October 20 th when Dr. Katja...

Harvey 2018

September 22, 2018 "Illusion and Reality: The Science of Perception"

Professor Harvey's show is good brain exercise! The brain constructs the experience of reality using sensory information from the outside world combined with internal information from memory, fears, desires, and goals. Sometimes the experience of reality is distorted and results in so-called visual and auditory illusions. We will learn how...