Dubson Thumb 2020

Sept 26, 2020 "BOOM! The Physics of Sound & Music via ZOOM!" Prof. Micheal Dubson

Professor Micheal Dubson's "BOOM! The Physics of Sound and Music!" will both delight and inform kids of all ages!

CU Wizards Collage Thumb

Sept 12, 2020 Special CU Wizards Webinar! 30th Anniversary Celebration!

We hope that you will be free to join an upcoming special CU WIZARDS 30th Anniversary Celebratory Webinar with special guest Professor John Taylor, the original "Mr. Wizard" and over two dozen CU Wizards from all of the program’s years attending. This very special webinar will launch the 2020-2021 regular...

Fleshner Thumbnail

April 25, 2020 "Superheroes Within! Immunity in Health & Disease" Prof. Moni Fleshner

CU Physiology Professor Moni Fleshner will introduce young students to the immune system and teach kids about some great “superheroes”, the cells and organs that fight germs! With the help of “Anatomy Bob” and examples from a mouse, a rat and a human, Dr. Fleshner’s show will highlight one very...

Hynek Thumbnail

March 7, 2020 "Rocks from Outer Space!" Prof. Brian Hynek

CU Boulder Geology Professor Brian Hynek has traveled the globe in search of rocks from outer space. These rocks tell fascinating stories...the geologic, hydrologic, and climatic histories of our neighboring planets. Meet at CU Planetarium for a memorable Saturday morning CU Wizards show presented by a real rock star who...

The Chemistry of Cooking

February 22, 2020 "The Chemistry of Cooking!" (& Making Cheese!) Prof. David Nesbitt

Join Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics David Nesbitt for "The Chemistry of Cooking!" You'll learn secrets to a perfect pie crust how to cook scrambled eggs without heat or how to reverse the entropy in your hot cocoa! Plus Professor Nesbitt will share with the audience tips he has...

Thompson Thumbnail 2020

January 25, 2020 "Physics of Superheroes & Villains" Prof. James Thompson

Join University of Colorado Physics Professor James Thompson as he explains how superheroes' understanding of fundamental physics ensures truth and thwarts villains! Sparks, explosions and plenty of action will punctuate this free STEM show that's open to students of all ages! "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attraction..."...

Frontczak 2019 Thumb

December 7th, 2019 "A Visit with Madame Curie" Susan Marie Frontczak

Join CU Wizards in December for a very special show, presented by Master Storyteller Susan Marie Frontczak, that commemorates the significant work of Madame Curie. The show is especially for an audience of K12 students, families and entirely free to all. The show will take place in CU Boulder's oldest...

Thumb Sammakia 2019

November 2, 2019 "Baking Bread!" Profs. Sammakia & Damrauer

Professors Niels Damrauer and Tarek Sammakia presenting "Baking Bread: Why I stopped worrying about Gluten and Flaming Gummy Worms!" Around the world, bread is everywhere. But why? Does it sustain us or just there to protect our fingers from peanut butter & jelly? Come learn about the chemical reactions, molecules...

Pollock thumb 2019

October 26, 2019 "Whispers & BANGS! The Physics of Sound and Music"

Join Professor Steven Pollock, award-winning Physics Professor, for another FREE Saturday CU Wizards Program! The show is especially geared for students ages 5-15, families and teachers. Learn what happens when you play the guitar, strike a gong, blow on a bottle, pop a balloon, crack a bullwhip... How quiet can...

Henrickson Thumb 2019

September 28, 2019 "REDOX, Reuse, Recharge: Batteries!"

Batteries are just about everywhere these days but do you know how they work? Did you know you can run a clock with orange juice? Or make a calculator battery from pennies, nails and fruit? Come see the World’s Smallest Electric Train and many more amazing demonstrations of fun things...