In 1980, Professor Taylor earned funding to expand the CU Wizards program, enabling him to take the "magic" of science on the road.  This traveling "Mr. Wizard" brought shows to schools throughout the state and sometimes to 20 different schools a year!  From 1988-1991, Professor Taylor collaborated with Denver Channel 4's Larry Green to bring these science demonstrations to a broader audience. Together they produced the Emmy award-winning TV series "Physics for Fun." Copies of the show are now available on DVD along with a curriculum series through the CU Science Discovery program.

In 1994, Professor David Nesbitt was inaugurated as the show’s director. Professor Nesbitt expanded the program by fostering greater collaboration with faculty across scientific disciplines. Each year, about ten to twelve professors from different disciplines put on the Wizard’s hat to present shows to students. 

Partnering with Science Discovery:

CU Wizards ventured again into multimedia in 1998 when Professor Nesbitt produced the "CU Wizards Video Series." This video series partnered the CU Wizards Show with CU Science Discovery and was made possible by funding from the CU Outreach Council. An additional grant from the council in 2005 funded the transferring of the show to DVD format along with the creation of a series of teaching guides to accompany the show.  Visit CU Science Discovery for information on how to purchase the CU Wizards DVDs.

The Present and Future of CU Wizards

The show continues to grow under Professor Nesbitt’s direction. He has increased the show’s funding, including a small endowment, and continues to oversee the CU Wizard’s yearly schedule, inviting professors to share their enthusiasm for their particular field. The CU Wizards series is held on the CU Boulder campus one Saturday per month throughout the academic year.  The CU Wizards are professors from departments ranging from physics to psychology who donate their knowledge, time and energy to create engaging and informative shows for the public.