What folks are saying about Wizards Shows...

  " Professor Harvey was such an engaging and entertaining presenter and made his talk on Illusion tremendous fun.

We are fairly new to Boulder and this was our first CU Wizards presentation.  I have to say that it's a real treasure.  To be able to attend something like this is so valuable to us and I honestly left with the feeling that I didn't want to wait a whole month for the next one.  For this to be available to my nine year old, who is interested in science, is one of the things that makes Boulder so unique. "

- Local Dad



"Really engaging demonstrations! Professor is a great presenter.

Loved his shirt!...and jokes! Thank you!"

-Local Mom


"The CU Wizards programs that we have attended have been a tremedous opportunity to expose my children to the wonders of science and stimulate a love for learning. Thank you for providing the CU Wizards as an outreach to the general public and providing me with a means to suppliment my children's education in a fun and exciting manner."

- Local Dad

"I so appreciate that the Wizards Shows are accessible to everyone.  It's also a great chance to get my lower-income, English Language Learning students onto a college campus, a place I hope they will feel is as much a place for them as it is for anyone. It's so valuable that I'm willing to forfeit one of my sleep-in mornings after a long week for the shows, and that's saying quite a bit."

- 5th grade BVSD elementary teacher

"...my oldest struggles with school (in most subjects) but after watching the Wizards, he is excited about the possibility to copy the presentations and impress his class. He has grasped concepts (esp. sound waves) that he's missed in his class and I am appreciative for the esteem boost he is receiving each month. This mother's heart is proud to see him take baby steps fowards understanding."

- Local Mom


"I liked all of the awesome demonstrations performed & how you could play around with some of them after the show."

"It was great!"

"I had a great time. Thank you for offering these awesome classes!"

"Exciting & Engaging!"

"I liked the explosions!"

"I loved everything about the show!"

- elementary students


Wizards firesuit